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Materials disappointing

I was very excited to receive this lamp. Although small for the price it was perfect for the area I needed and loved the design and overall glow in the center. The design is awesome. Unfortunately I do not think the materials and quality are with the cost or the design. This is 100% 3D printed as advertised and it feels as such. Material is plasticky and weak as if I printed this at the library near me and it has flaws well beyond the “seconds sale” expectations of my purchase - the shade isn’t joined at at the seam in the picture - the picture doesn’t accurately represent how bad the seam is. I have to have it turned to hide this, in addition to three flaws throughout the finish as if someone had poked it with a black sharpie. For $65+ even with known seconds sale potential for lite flaws or the original price this is not worth the money for me.

Hi Mary, sorry this isn't up to your standards. Please reach out to and we'll try to resolve it!

It creates a pleasant ambiance!

I have the lamp on a corner tall cabinet in my dining room, where on dark days it makes a cozy atmosphere. During late dinners my guests comment on the lovely ambience from its’ gentle glow.

The lamp tends to fall apart pretty easily. It's not breaking but it's just not designed well and you have to really take your time to balance the lamp shade on it correctly. But once it's on it looks very nice.

Hi Ketch! this shouldn't be happening - please reach out to support[at]wooj[dot]design and we can help you out! It should snap into place once you press it in and be quite stable.

Mini Wavy Lamp
Angela Naletilic
Beautifully made and adds character to any space

Such a beautiful and unique addition to my home. Exactly what I wanted and expected. Totally in love with this lamp.

Zephyr Lamp
Ryan Roopa

Zephyr Lamp

CS.01 – Arcas
Cas Latham-Faulkner
Arcas revamp fits the Wooj aesthetic

I love the Arcus lamp revision and its 3D printed base! It was well packaged and arrived on time with no damage. Putting the base together was a breeze. It’s a beautiful lamp and art piece. I love having it in my home!

Mini Wavy Lamp
favorite lamp

These are my favorite lamps! I have two now. My first lamp has a pointy wheel for the on/off switch while the newer one has a more curved wheel, well it just isn't as pointy. As someone with arthritis in their hands I prefer the pointy wheel because I could get a better grip. I am still able to turn the new lamp on and off with ease and most people wouldn't notice the difference unless they had dexterity issues like me. I think in the future it would be cool for WOOJ to find a power switch that is accessible for everyone. Otherwise I love this lamp. Very unique design and construction process.

Wavy Lamp | Seconds
Ryan Burton
Sexy little cozy thing

Turns out this lamp is not just a lamp, but an entire mood. Wanna feel more cozy? Like maybe you've got a book, good coffee, and a blanket...? And you're sitting in your favorite chair that's molded to your specific contours...? Oh, and it's raining outside. Nice, right? Well, even if you didn't have all of the aformentioned creature comforts and ambiance, this lamp makes you feel like you do. Embrace the mood. Embrace the cozy.

Picked one up for Mother’s day, she loves it!

Love the design and quality! It’s exactly as it appears in the photos. Great fit for the decor of our living room.

CS.01 – Arcas
Chris Chu
Cute fixture

Everything looks great except the body of the lamp is not fully supported and can not be secured in place. Would be great if we can figure a way to secure the lamp without it rotating/flopping.

😱 this lamp is beautiful

GORGEOUS Lamp !!!!

Mini Wavy Lamp
Caroline Garriott
Fun little lamp

I needed a lamp that functioned as art and was compatible with Philips hue bulbs. This is a winner! I wish the bulb sat farther inside the shape, its top edge is pretty much right in line with the top edge of the lamp, but it’s not a big deal. Really fun piece!


I received my CS.01 - Arcas a couple weeks ago and it has immediately elevated my bedroom. The chopstick legs bring in a Japandi and modern aesthetic which is exactly what I'm going for.

During assembly I was a little nervous that the legs weren't snapping / clicking into place fully but after fully assembling there are no issues.

For $165, this lamp is a great value and highly recommended.

CS.01 – Arcas
Arcas CS.01

I love the design - quasi Japanese / mid century - and it makes a beautiful light.
One negative: The assembly at the top is a bit unstable: just the slightest bump causes the top knob to pop off allowing the legs to come apart and collapse. (Perhaps I assembled it incorrectly?)
Despite the negative I'm still giving a five star rating because it is so beautiful.
Also kudos to Wooj's tech support for promptly replacing one of the Arcas lamps that had been crushed during shipping.

Hi Susan! So glad you like the lamp. The issue you're describing shouldn't be happening - could you reach out to support and we'll try to diagnose the problem? Thanks so much :)

Absolutely beautiful light. Pair it with a LIFX bulb and you’ve got the coolest space.

These are so cute and functional and also very bright for their size!!! I love the recycled plastic it’s very sturdy and has a unique texture and look that you don’t find everywhere!

Order not received in timely fashion, but the lamp (and customer service) is 5 star

The lamp is beautiful, surpassed my expectations. There was a glitch in the delivery process (described below) but the true measure of a business is how they respond to problematic situations. Wooj’s customer service passed with flying colors.

Ordered March 30, shipment notice April 7, but somehow the tracking status remained “ label created “ for the next 2 weeks. Asked support as to the whereabouts of my lamp. Package was located (misplaced in the process of moving studios) and sent the lamp on its way.

Am very pleased with the lamp and their customer service.

Zephyr Lamp
Petra Watzke
Unbelievably gorgeous

The item arrived quickly and was well-packaged. The photos on the website don't do the Zephyr lamp justice, as it is even more stunning in real life. The texture of the lampshade is gorgeous and when turned on, it emits a warm light that is inviting and intriguing. A great accent piece for any room.

Great design; dimmer please!

I love the color and shape of it! The smoky gray color is very moody. Wish it came with a dimmer light switch instead! That would've been perfect for choosing the vibe. Still a great lamp.

Pleat Lamp
Pleat Lamp

So beautiful I've gotten 2! The quality is top notch and colors are lush. The light created by these lamps is rich and comforting, practical as well!

love the lamp!

this is my second purchase and I am really happy with it. It looks perfect on the shelf in my living room and I love the soft glow and the way that the 3-D printed fixture looks. I hope to buy another one in the future

Stunning but has a very visible seam

The lamp looks absolutely gorgeous at night and is a great size. The only issue is that there’s a very visible seam on the inside layer that can’t be seen clearly on the promotional pictures. I know seams can’t really be avoided but wish this was more clearly visible in the photos/description.


It is a lightweight lamp. Doesn’t look cheap or plasticky. The shade part is not attached and sits on top. It is a small lamp but the proportions are perfect! brings a smile to my face when I enter my room. Very happy with my purchase, Thank you!