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Love it!

I love this lamp — it looks so good in our living room, and every time I look over at it, it makes me smile. The texture of the shade is so cool and I love that it's US-made by a small business with recycled materials.

It arrived very securely packed and was easy to put together. I thought it was a nice touch that it even came with a bulb, but it was too bright and cool for the look I was going for. But it was easy to pop in a smart bulb so we can dim or brighten as needed.

The Pleat Lamp
brian L swanson

Great lamp

The Wavy Lamp
EJ Dantzler
Cool lamp, issues receiving

I ordered a Wooj lamp in the hopes that it would arrive in time for a Christmas gift. Apparently there was a banner on the site that I missed that said they had holiday delays, but when I checked out the date said before Christmas. Not only did it not arrive on time, there was an issue with my shipping label and it was cancelled which I didn't find out until I looked up the shipping after Christmas day, I was never notified anything had changed. I like the lamp fine, but the process to get it was not worth the trouble.

The Pleat Lamp
Caitlin Dunn

The Pleat Lamp

Love it!

So cute and fun, lightweight but still sturdy.

The Pleat Lamp
Kay Eason
Tiny lamp, big presence!

Love the technology used to make this lamp and the amber glow emitted from this lamp. It’s special!

Seconds Pleat Lamp

Beautiful color! I ordered from the seconds collection and can’t even tell where the error is. Absolutely love it

Gorgeous, sustainable and affordable

This is one of the coolest lamps I've owned. So sleek and chic, you'd never know it was 3D printed. Must buy, such amazing value for the price.

The Pleat Lamp
Rachel Mlynarczyk

The Pleat Lamp

The Wavy Lamp
Madeleine Crawford
Perfect lamp

Affordable lamp that's perfect for a nightstand or side table. I've received so many compliments on it

The Wavy Lamp
McKenna Harris
broken on arrival

I was pretty sad to see that my Wavy Lamp had broken somewhere on the way to me; two of its legs had snapped clean off the stand. i think it may be salvageable and will try to fix it at home. i do think the lamp shade itself is beautiful. i wonder if the packing can be changed to help support such a fragile design!

Hi McKenna! So sorry that it was damaged in transit. We've adjusted how we ship them out since we've had some issues recently and would be happy to issue you a replacement if you reach out to

The Zephyr Lamp
Stephanie Shum

The Zephyr Lamp

Love my lil lamp!

Absolutely could not pass up on getting the pleat lamp in smoke! Sooo totally my vibe! It looks like a heavy lamp but it’s very light. The lamp lives on my stand up desk and hasn’t had an issue tipping over when I adjust my desk. I love that it gives off the right amount of light without being too bright or too dim. The one con I have is the light switch. The edges to switch on hurts my fingers, and I’d prefer it to be the same switch they use on the wavy lamp.

Loved It

it shipped pretty fast, even with the holiday rush! Its the perfect piece to compliment a room

The Wavy Lamp
Owen Rucker
Great lamp

Super cool piece and very illuminating

Beautiful wabi-sabi lamps

I was happy to receive the wavy lamp in the color I preferred. My defects were minimal and not visible at all when I turn the lamp shade a certain way. The wavy lamp is a beautiful minimalist lamp!

Pretty design but blemishes are definitely noticeable

Rating: 2.5-3/5
I originally bought Seconds because I wanted to support their waste reducing efforts and the description/multiple reviews mentioned the blemishes were barely noticeable.

*However, I wish I had just bought the blemish/imperfection-free option instead.*

Whether the light is on or off, the mistakes on the 3D printed shade are quite noticeable on my lamp even when you look standing from afar, so I'm a bit disappointed. On my lamp shade, you can see a clear horizontal separation where the 3D printing likely stopped/had to be restarted. It looks almost as if 2 different materials were used to print the shade. There are also other mistakes I noticed on my lamp but those are the kinds of defects you can overlook. Other than the lamp shade, the switches/base are great - no problems there.

I never expected my lamp to look perfect, but I was hoping these defects would be less obvious (as mentioned in the description) because I think they really take attention away from the great design. I would recommend people to just buy the blemish free option.

The Wavy Lamp
Rease Warford
Amazing lamp!

I absolutely love the shape. The bulb was too cool and too bright in my opinion, so I went for a long tube 2100K 25W LED bulb and it’s perfect!

The Pleat Lamp
An Nuyen
Love the pleat lamp!!

I had been eyeing the pleat lamp for a few months, particularly in the amber colorway. wooj has a cool aesthetic that feels a little established in vintage textures and design principles, but contemporary and techy methods and materials. the lamp is exactly as I pictured, although I didn't expect it to be so light in weight, which was a nice surprise as I was picking up from the HQ and lugging the lamp back to my new apartment in Philadelphia. the lamp itself, while not weighing much, still feels sturdy and well-made.

anyway, I'm excited to see what wooj does next and already have my next purchase planned!!

Arrived broken, insensitive customer service

Received my lamp broken, when I reached out to customer service the only solution they offered is mailing me pieces to fix it in my own. As someone who is disabled I don’t have the range to tinker with things to take them apart and put them together like that. The concerned was expressed to customer service and after over a week of back and forth they just ignored and sent just the base. The excuse was “Black Friday chaos” and I was one of the customers who place my order prior to the sale. My first experience with the Wooj brand has been invalidating, frustrating and left me disappointed. Please do better.

The Wavy Lamp
Andrew Johnson
Broken Lamp and No resolution yet

Live the design and am very excited for lamp. 2 big problems: lamp was broken upon arrival and there has been no resolution since initial response. When will this be resolved?

Hi Andrew! We've sent an update to your email! Hope it resolves your issue :)

Gorgeous office lamp

This is my second Wooj lamp and I couldn't be happier. The darker shade means when the light is turned on, you get to see every beautiful detail of the design. I have it on a corner shelf in my office and the shadow it casts on the wall is stunning. The light itself is pretty soft so I wouldn't recommend if you're looking for full illumination but as an accent lamp, it's just perfect.

The Wavy Lamp | Seconds
camille soriano

The Wavy Lamp | Seconds

So artsy, so hip - WORTH IT

Not going to lie - I discovered this brand through an apartment design instagram account. They did their job of InFlUenCiNg me. I was so curious about the shape and look of the lamp so I checked out Wooj Design’s insta and the fact that it is 3D printed sold me. This lamp is now my new favorite piece in my apartment. So happy to have stumbled upon this. 💕

Absolutely stunning lamp

I love this lamp. It is so unique and beautiful! I do not use LED lighting because it is so very toxic and dangerous to the body and this lamp is able to handle a 25w incandescent bulb without any issues. So in love, will definitely buy more.