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Cute Lamp

Love this little lamp. Brings a nice pop of color to the room!

Pleat Lamp | Seconds
Eva Heetebrij

The top came slightly squished in the mail, but after assembly was not very noticeable. It gives off the most beautiful amber light, so gorgeous! The included light bulb was very thoughtful.

Wavy Lamp
Great lamp!

This is just the right size for my night stand. I love the design and it's very luminescent.

Pleat Lamp
Peter Sherlock
what a marvelous lamp!

The lamp is sleek, sophisticated, classic yet post-modern. I love it.

Lovely lamp

The design is so whimsical, I love it, it’s like a little friendly wavy ghost.
I got one from the discounted “seconds” section, supposedly slightly defective but I would never have noticed the “defect” were it not indicated to have one.


The Wooj Wavy Lamp seconds came out amazing!!! Great addition to a growing collection of lamps.

Wavy Lamp | Seconds
Wally Brostrom
Wonderful lamp!

I really enjoy this lamp, it gives off great light — imperceptible that there was a flaw in it!

Love these sconces

We purchased two of the Helios sconces as soon as they became available because we needed plug-in sconces and also wanted them to be dimmable. After searching the internet, we found the Wooj sconces to be the perfect combination of the features we desired, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. The sconces arrived well packaged, which was important because the sconces themselves are a bit delicate. We did struggle to assemble one of the sconces and Wooj stepped in by sending us a replacement back. Otherwise, they were really quick to install and have been the perfect addition to our bedroom.

I highly recommend this product. They’ve added the functionality and ambiance that we were seeking, and came at a great price. I have no doubt that they’ll last for a long time.

Thank you for making these, Wooj!

Wavy Lamp | Seconds
Ayesha Mehrotra

Wavy Lamp | Seconds

Wavy Lamp | Seconds
Isabel Salmon
Beautiful lamp for our nyc studio

This was the perfect addition to our space - it’s hard to decorate a studio without making it feel cluttered, but this elevated our living area and made our home feel warm without adding visual clutter 🤍

perfect little lamp

I love the look, function and quality of this little lamp. When I need to dim it, I cover it with a small bandana and, poof, it’s nice in the evening!

stinkin’ cute

This was my first purchase from wooj so I opted to try the seconds version that is considered “flawed”. The lamp is adorable and fits perfectly in my small space. I couldn’t even find a flaw, though I wouldn’t have minded an imperfect piece. It’s very cute!! I’ll definitely be purchasing a larger piece down the road when I can afford the space.

Wavy Lamp

Wavy Lamp | Seconds
Brace Young

Wavy Lamp | Seconds

Distorted Lamp
Cody Gerhold

Arrived in some awfully novel cushioning within the package, which was fun to unearth. Lamp itself is gorgeous, hardware is all simple and reliable, and the design fits with, really, any decor you could think of. Whatever the style of your home is, the wavy lamp will slot right into your aesthetic.

Wavy Lamp
Jennifer Valdez
So happy!

Very happy with my order, I love it. Customer service was very helpful and the pick up was quick and easy.

Mini Wavy Lamp
Annette DiGiovanni
Lightbulb is too bright

The lightbulb that it comes with us way too bright, but that’s easily switched out. Otherwise, cute lamp

Wavy Lamp
Aesthetic light with minor complaints

The lamp is very aesthetically pleasing, and it's a great addition to my space. Don't rely on the light bulb it comes with - there's no dimmer and it's VERY bright. I bought another LIFX bulb (I have a few) and it works perfectly with it.

How is this lamp so sexy???

I've had my wooj lamp for more than a year now and really only thought to write a review today as I was recommending one to a friend. What can I say that hasn't already been said? She lights up my favorite little wall in my living room and ties the whole setup together with the perfect amount of glow -- a quiet showstopper that elicits compliments from all of my friends who visit my apartment. Honestly I think my boyfriend wants me to move in with him just to have unrestricted access to the lamp.
I live locally so was able to pick my wooj up from their studio in Brooklyn, and it was an added bonus to see the space while I was there. Anyway, love my lamp, 10/10 recommend.

Beautiful piece

This lamp has added some much-needed serenity in my bedroom. It’s clear it was made with so much love.
When I first looked at the switch, I assumed it would be dimmable, but it is not. I’d love if this was an option- so I have an excuse to use it even more often.

Love the white wash

I now have 2 wavy cups, one in white wash and one in sand. They look and feel high quality, I would definitely recommend picking one up.

Limited Edition | The Wavy Lamp - Smoke
Vanessa Huynh
Love it!!

Such a beautiful little lamp! I love that smokey color it has. It gives the right amount of light to the room.

Pleat Lamp
Denise Windham Crowley
My pleat lamp

Perfect size for bedside. Love it in Amber color. Well made and reasonably priced.

Love, love, love

I seriously love the mini wavy lamp...I have it in pink lemonade. I also own the large wavy lamp, which is very cool in it's own right. But...the mini wavy is perfect as a bedside lamp. I actually like that it doesn't have a stand and sits flush on my nightstand. The color is perfection!

Wavy Lamp
Shelley Agricola

I still have yet to receive my lamps. Not good!!