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Groovy and Moody

Enjoyed so much I ended up going back for another. Got the amber color and love the warm moody vibe it creates. Also just stunning to look at. Classic but with a twist.

Lovely lamp!

I love my new wavy lamp so much! It gives off bright but diffuse and very cozy light. There are a couple very minor blemishes but I really don’t notice them. Highly recommend!

Wavey, fun, fabulous

Love my new wooj lamp. Super easy install (just don’t start drilling into your ceiling at 10:30pm like I did because your neighbors will be upset. They don’t care how eager you are to hang up your wooj). It’s beautiful, it’s functional, it’s affordable. No down sides! Great customer service too. Will def buy more as the new prototypes come out!

The Pleat Lamp
Stacey Bainbridge

Exactly what I was looking for - beautiful, soft lighting, unique, feminine

The Wavy Lamp
Alexis Marie

In love with this lamp, totally worth it. The quality is amazing. Shipping was fast as well!

warm glow

I've been eyeballing the amber version of this lamp for a few months and finally pulled the trigger. A good size to be a statement piece but not overwhelming. Plus it gives off such a nice warm glow, love it.

Fantastic addition to our space

Had a great experience end-to-end ordering this Seconds lamp. Helpful customer service response, fast shipping, solid packaging, easy set-up— and it looks so good in our entryway! Even though this was a Seconds lamp I could hardly find anything that was notably a defect. So glad I took a chance; turns out that sometimes Instagram targeted advertising is dead-on. 😉


This lamp is so lovely and there's something very calming about it. I can't find any flaws with it! It's light and beautiful and I'm obsessed

The Wavy Lamp
Gina Gaebl
Love this lamp!

Such a fun shape, so lightweight, adds the most fabulous ambiance. I'm obsessed!

The Pleat Lamp | Seconds

Awesome little desk lamp

Love how it looks on my desk — makes me happy every time I look at it! It's also bright for its size and diffuses light nicely.

I love the minimalist look of the lamp, and it adds a soft warm glow to my room! Highly recommend

The Pleat Lamp
not bad

very unique looking and compliments my space but it fell two times when trying to reach to turn it on cause it is kinda top heavy enough, the pleat is cracked on the shade. it’s not super noticable but it happened within a month of having it. it fell again last night when i was trying to reach for my glasses and it brushed the shade and boom, it fell again. its pretty but kinda fragile. nice to have but i’ll stick to more heavier based lamps that i feel are sturdier

Very pretty!

Love the lighting of this lamp. It's super cute!


i love it!

The Wavy Lamp
Rocky Riccardi
Just Gorgeous

absolutely beautiful - just buy it

The Pleat Lamp
Genevieve DeVille
Love it!

My pleat lamp arrived in perfect condition thanks to the loving care that the shipper took in wrapping each individual piece. They even included a lightbulb so I could setup asap!

The Wavy Lamp
Yula Sukri

I didn’t receive yet my wavy lamp, good to know that already ship 14 days days ago.

Perfect little lamp!

Needed a short lamp to go on top of a dresser. The Wavy Lamp is the perfect size and suits my contemporary/beachy vibe. It’s unique, beautifully made, and functional.

The Pleat Lamp
Kevin M.
Love the lamp

The lamp is very well made and looks fantastic. I would love to get more wooj creations in the future.

Star of all my FaceTime calls

Every time one of my friends or family members Facetimes me, I show them my Amber Pleat lamp. “Isn’t it gorgeous?” I say. “It’s 3D printed on corn plastic.” They sigh and they nod, having already seen it 10x before.


fell in love with it the minute i opened the box, it’s perfect!

The Wavy Lamp | Seconds
Martha Anne Sperandio
Absolutely everything I’d hoped for.

Let me tell you, I was eyeing this lamp for MONTHS. Just waiting for finances to align. Got an email about a sale and now it’s mine! I got a minor blemish lamp in the standard size — truly can’t see/find a blemish. It’s so lightweight. And truly was so grateful it came with a lightbulb because I just got to plug it in and enjoy asap!!!! Can’t wait for more products from Wooj. I’m a loyal customer now.

Great product!

Love this lamp. Very well made and easy to assemble. Packaged super secure. Love everything lol his company stands for and will definitely buy more products from Wooj.

Vibes are immaculate

I ordered the tall lamp and absolutely love it. Both sustainable and chic, what more could I ask for? I replaced the lightbulb with a hue light and love how well it diffuses the light. Will definitely purchase more in the future.