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The lamp looks chic and is a great match for the one of the regular size. I like the design of their products and I do appreciate their great customer service - quick response, smooth process of return/replacement, caring about customer satisfaction.

Wavy Lamp
Wendy B
Wow, Wow, Wow!

Okay, maybe I’m obsessed with Wooj lamps, but that doesn’t mean I’m nuts, I’m just crazy about good design. The latest addition to my little collection is the Tall Wavy. I can’t put into words how wonderful I think this piece is. I can say it’s well made and it makes me smile every single time I see it.

Beautiful and high quality all around. Love it.

Pleat Lamp
Karen Despot

I’d been wanting this lamp for several years but kept putting it off. I am SO glad I finally ordered it. It is absolutely lovely in the dark green color. Now, please make it in other colors and sizes!! Deep pink, blues, browns….

Love my new sconces!

This is my second purchase from Wooj and I'm so excited to see what they will be creating next!

I almost reached out to support because my bulb wasn't lighting up all the way. Then I realized that it was just really dimmed and I turned it back up all the way. Definitely my silly mistake but thought I'd share. Super easy to assemble and came so well packed.

Love the glow it makes so much. Thank you Wooj! Keep doing what you're doing :)

Wavy Lamp | Seconds
Daniel Hernandez
Beautiful lamp

Had been seeing these wavy lamps on social media for some time now, and decided to finally go in on two seconds lamps for a frankly excellent price. I can’t even tell they are blemished or second quality—they certainly look and function perfectly. The lamps are quite powerful and give the rooms a slight eccentric accent. The customer service is fantastic as well. Interested in other offerings down the road!

Wavy Lamp
William Billman
nice lamps

My son asked for these, and I may get some myself. Well made and they look great by his bed.

Exactly what I wanted

Just the perfect small bedside table lamp. I didn’t really know what I wanted, but turns out this is what I wanted. Can’t tell it’s a second at all. Highly recommend.

Wavy Lamp


Rip off - they don’t send both lamps!!!

I thought the other reviewer had a one off experience, so I gave this bundle a shot… but I had the same experience. Waited several weeks and only one lamp arrived. Totally ridiculous. Will be contacting my credit card company to get the charge reversed. I was really excited about my lamps but I can’t recommend dealing with such a shady company.

Hi Rachel,

We've reached out via email as well but just want to provide a little context here. We ship this particular bundle in individual packages because it's a much more affordable shipping fee. We do ship them at the same time, but sometimes they may get seperated in transit. Your second lamp seems to have been delayed one day. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do once it's been shipped but you should receive it today!

This is a good piece of feedback though, because I don't think we make it clear that the Wavy + Mini bundle ships in two boxes, so we will make that much clearer moving forward. I hope this resolves the issue for you.

Wavy Pendant
Jordan Li

Wavy Pendant

Adorable little lamp!

This lamp is so cute and cozy, I’ve already received so many compliments from guests. The blush color adds such a warmth to the room and it’s the perfect amount of light while I read or work at my desk. I absolutely love it!

Mini Wavy Lamp
Ryan Tuttle

The lightbulb I received didn’t work. The lamp seems a little cheaply made but it is still cool

The defect is worse than expected. It's not a breakage or worn. The whole cover is shorter and the lamp bulb is exposed.

Hi Ziwei, we're sending over an email to try to resolve this problem - we'll be happy to issue a replacement to make sure you get what you want!

Love it!

Pleat Lamp
Arrived with manufacturing defect, (slow) customer service

The lamp arrived unusable - the metal joint was warped shut. Reached out for support assistance -- theyre slow in responding but they've sent out a new base. For some reason the return portal doesnt recognize my order, so I cannot initiate a return.

Lamp is beautiful in shape - however its clear that its 3D printed when looking at it in person

Wavy Lamp | Seconds

Love the warm glow!

This lamp has the warmest, coziest glow and is adorable in my space. I got a Seconds but i think the blemish is barely noticeable, especially when the lamp is on. I want to keep mine on all the time during winter right now since it’s just so dang cute!

Scoop Lamp x Analuisa Corrigan

Pleat Lamp
natasha diaz

The lamp is gorgeous

2X Scoop Bundle
Luisa Betancourt

I think the pictures on the website have a film photo styling to them that makes them look more ceramic-y, but the texture is close to the real thing, and it's very light! So I feel like if I place them on top of nice wood, it won't scratch it.

If you want it to shine your whole bedroom, or be bright enough to read comfortably— this is not the lamp for you. I wanted something that felt like candlelight, and that's what I got; dim but warm lighting.

I also appreciate how clear they were about shipping and how it was wrapped when it arrived, to really make sure it got here in perfect condition.

Two minor cons:
I got two lamps and one of the top "shades" kind of fits snuggly enough that I can slightly even move the lamp by holding it. However, on the other lamp, it just sits on top and is not perfect. So the slightest bump actually moves the shade a little. Slight inconsistency, but I think to be expected with the kind of manufacturing.

The switch is a bit sad.. it's a clear plastic rotating circle that makes the rest of the lamp feel a little .. cheaper?

Pleat Lamp
Beautiful Lamp

I appreciate every step needed to make this lamp come alive. It's beautiful and gives off a wonderful amber hue. Worth the money, especially to support the artist and the team.

Pleat Lamp
Wendy B
Pleasant Pleats!

This is my second Pleat Lamp (my fourth Wooj lamp) which I purchased simply because I love the first purchase so much. The lamp’s swayed pleats are somehow soothing, appearing to be swept by a gentle breeze. It has a nice weight to it and is a great accent in my space.

Perfect gift bundle!

Unique design and compact enough to fit anywhere.

Pleat Lamp

Stunning lamp! Love the looks of it in person.