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Wooj makes home goods that are built by robots and people in Brooklyn, NY.

At Wooj, we believe that beautiful, fun, enriching things make the world a more interesting place to live in. We seek to create these things and make them available to as many people as possible, utilizing methods that are as harm-reducing as we can manage.

Seeing and interacting with the things that others have made is one of the most direct ways in which we’re able to express ourselves and understand other people. Hopefully, we make things that allow that conversation, understanding, and delight between our customers.

Designing in the future, for the future.

Wooj was founded on the belief that great products could be made at low cost without exploitative labor practices or requiring products to be made in the hundreds of thousands in order to be profitable. How? By utilizing a combination of robotics and craft manufacturing techniques.


3D printing lets us go from idea to physical product in a matter of hours instead of weeks, and eliminates the need for mass production or factories. All of our products are made in house: printed, assembled, and shipped from our studio in Brooklyn, NY.

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In addition to trying to be more sustainable in the processes we use to manufacture, we also want to use materials that allow us to do that as much as possible - starting with the filament in our printers.

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We create and design objects that make the world a little more interesting and fun. We’re constantly iterating on new designs and techniques to make our products better and more accessible.

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The combination of good design and sustainable, ethical manufacturing should be accessible to everyone.

These core values are often at odds, but we try our best to create things that are affordable for what they are, as well as always being the least damaging to the planet as possible. We design around accessibility as well as quality, allowing for fair prices within the constraints of top-notch materials.

Our products are often the result of happy accidents and discovery rather than strictly deliberate acts. To put it another way: the work we put in may be deliberate, but the outcome is not. We’re constantly motivated to put in the work since it allows for the chance of discovering something that truly surprises and delights us, and hopefully you!

Combining accessibility, good design, and a sustainable approach.

We take a form-first approach, designing things we’d want in our homes, that we haven’t found anywhere else. Whether it’s an interesting texture, a new shape, or a feature that’s usually prohibitively expensive, we use 3D printing to our advantage to create strong, durable, and beautiful products.

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