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Phoebe W
Love it!

So cute and fun, lightweight but still sturdy.

Beautiful wabi-sabi lamps

I was happy to receive the wavy lamp in the color I preferred. My defects were minimal and not visible at all when I turn the lamp shade a certain way. The wavy lamp is a beautiful minimalist lamp!

Pretty design but blemishes are definitely noticeable

Rating: 2.5-3/5
I originally bought Seconds because I wanted to support their waste reducing efforts and the description/multiple reviews mentioned the blemishes were barely noticeable.

*However, I wish I had just bought the blemish/imperfection-free option instead.*

Whether the light is on or off, the mistakes on the 3D printed shade are quite noticeable on my lamp even when you look standing from afar, so I'm a bit disappointed. On my lamp shade, you can see a clear horizontal separation where the 3D printing likely stopped/had to be restarted. It looks almost as if 2 different materials were used to print the shade. There are also other mistakes I noticed on my lamp but those are the kinds of defects you can overlook. Other than the lamp shade, the switches/base are great - no problems there.

I never expected my lamp to look perfect, but I was hoping these defects would be less obvious (as mentioned in the description) because I think they really take attention away from the great design. I would recommend people to just buy the blemish free option.

Arrived broken, insensitive customer service

Received my lamp broken, when I reached out to customer service the only solution they offered is mailing me pieces to fix it in my own. As someone who is disabled I don’t have the range to tinker with things to take them apart and put them together like that. The concerned was expressed to customer service and after over a week of back and forth they just ignored and sent just the base. The excuse was “Black Friday chaos” and I was one of the customers who place my order prior to the sale. My first experience with the Wooj brand has been invalidating, frustrating and left me disappointed. Please do better.

camille soriano

The Wavy Lamp | Seconds