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Pendant Installation Guide

Thank you for buying a Wavy Pendant! We obviously really appreciate it :)

This page will help you set up your Wavy Pendant light! Please read through the entirety of the directions before beginning to make sure you understand how to put everything together. Please email us at if you're having trouble, or if you have suggestions on how we could improve these instructions!



Make sure your bulb is seated in the pendant fixture before turning it on.


Care and Cleaning

The outside of the lampshade can be cleaned with a (very lightly) damp cloth. Be sure to unplug the fixture when cleaning.


What's included in the package:

  • a. Cord with light switch and US plug
  • b. Pre-assembled Wavy Pendant
  • c. Lampshade
  • d. 2x ceiling mounts (consisting of 2 caps and 2 bases)
  • e. Mounting hardware (only use if suitable for your ceiling type) 



Step 1 - Determine Layout

Decide on a layout for your pendant lamp. Some examples are shown below.

Make sure you have enough cable for your desired layout before setting up the pendant. Make sure the light switch is accessible

Step 2 - Test Bulb & Remove Lampshade

Your pendant should already have a bulb installed. Please plug in the cord and test the switch to make sure that the light turns on and off properly. If the light isn't working, unplug and tighten the bulb. Plug in again and test. If it isn't working, please reach out to Before continuing, unplug the cord for the remainder of the installation.

 At this time, also remove the lampshade from the pendant (it clicks into place and can be removed by pulling it off)


Step 3 - Attach the ceiling mount base to the ceiling

Make sure to choose screws and mounting solutions that are appropriate for your ceiling (we have included a drywall anchor and a screw for your convenience, but it may not be appropriate for your ceiling). This video can help you determine what mounting solution to use.

1. Using the appropriate mounting hardware, attach the ceiling mount bases to the ceiling. Here is a useful video on various drywall mounts and here is another about a variety of hanging hardware 

2. Make sure that the channel in ceiling mount base runs parallel to the planned cord direction.


Step 4 - Hang Cord

Position the cord into the mounting base at the desired location based on the layout you decided on.

Screw the mount cap onto the base (clockwise) until secure. Do not overtighten, as you may damage the cord.


Step 5 - Reinstall Lampshade

The lampshade is designed to click into place on the pendant. Though the lampshade looks the same on both sides, the side that clicks into the pendant is thicker. Press the lampshade up onto the pendant until you hear it click, and it stays in place without any assistance.


Step 6 - Plug in and Test

Plug in the cord into your chosen power outlet. Test the switch and make sure the light turns on.

Congratulations! You’re done!