Wavy Cups


Built Layer By Layer

Instead of using traditional manufacturing methods where material is subtracted in order to create an object, we make use of 3d printing using biologically derived materials to make our lamps. 3d printing is additive — that means material is added layer by layer to build the final object. No additional material is wasted in the process. It’s only a small step in trying to make our work as sustainable as possible

"It has a great ethereal vibe that really lights up a space."
"Like the svelte eco-offspring of a couple of promiscuous Noguchi lights."
"An ethereal geometric beacon to make 2021 just a bit wavier."

Made From Corn

We are proud to be making use of PLA, a corn based bio-plastic in our lamps. PLA constitutes the entirety of the lamp shade and the bulk of the base, and eventually can be composted.