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Eva Heetebrij

The top came slightly squished in the mail, but after assembly was not very noticeable. It gives off the most beautiful amber light, so gorgeous! The included light bulb was very thoughtful.

Paisley Davidson
Seconds are worth a look, for the price

My seconds lamps definitely have visible flaws, but I don't know if anyone would notice but me--you have to inspect it and know what to look for. That said, if you want the reassurance of perfection, bypass the seconds. Right after I bought mine, there was a clearance sale, so I don't know if I got the best price. It took a little while for them to ship, but I try to be mellow and not anticipate instant gratification that is probably an unrealistic expectation created by Amazon. Happy/prefer to support a small, independent company, even if it means a slower delivery rate. I'm super appreciative that the item comes with a light bulb! Stoke of genius there. It's the little things. I do think the lamp, objectively, is really cool. Casts a dim light, but I'm here for it. Wondering if it's possible to scale up and make these as floor lamps! Or, more variety in color, shape, and size so I can get a few for my apartment.

Kara Lennon
Seconds Pleat Lamp

Beautiful color! I ordered from the seconds collection and can’t even tell where the error is. Absolutely love it

Groovy and Moody

Enjoyed so much I ended up going back for another. Got the amber color and love the warm moody vibe it creates. Also just stunning to look at. Classic but with a twist.

Nigel Pacheco

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