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Eggshell / Satin Brass

Eggshell / Unfinished Brass

Closeup of the mesh in Eggshell / Unfinished Brass

The Arcas Lamp

The Arcas Lamp is constructed using a custom-written 3D printing technique. This technique imbues the shade with the properties of woven textiles, capturing the fluid form of fabric in a solid state — suspending it in a way that seems to defy physical limitations.

The lamp's diaphanous nature allows it to integrate into any setting, providing not just illumination, but a captivating depth that transforms the Arcas lamp into a true artistic statement.


Touch to Dim: Touch the brass base anywhere to change the brightness – the included Tala bulbs have three brightness settings.


Materials: Biopolymer shade; transparent TPE cord; touch-sensitive unfinished brass base and strain relief

Bulb (included): 2x Matte Tala candelabra bulb; 3W, UL listed, 2700K (soft warm white), 210 lumens, dimmable

Size: 14" H x 15" W x 14" D

Weight: 2 lbs

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Myuriel & John

The Arcas table lamp has a timeless deco style that would be at home in any era. One tap of the polished brass base and a lambent glow appears. Another tap and a slightly cooler, brighter light emanates. A third tap cools and intensifies it further. No need to fumble around for a switch - this convenient feature, which I didn't think much of when purchasing, has proven to be essential. If you’re looking for a sophisticated, stylish table lamp, Eureka, you have found it!