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Connie Shimek

I bought two for my nightstands. They are gorgeous


It's a "second" so it has some faults as you'd expect, but it has some angles that look perfect and with the light on it's hard to tell anywhere. I have one of the older wavy lamps too and I do like the new base they've got now. It's changed from a black braided cable to a clear plastic one, and the switch is a classic roll-wheel type rather than the button, which overall feels like a slight downgrade but it's not something that really affects how it looks or feels to use. Do love that the lightbulb is included, get that instant gratification once you open it. It can slide around a little bit since the feet are just smooth plastic and it's so light weight, which I don't love, but there's not really anything you can do about that if you want this style of base. Not the brightest lamp in the world since there's two layers of opaque plastic, but that's not always a bad thing and anyway this leans more towards a style piece than something you're using to light up a whole room.

Alexis Brian
I love Wooj Seconds!

I purchased my first Wooj Wavy Lamp in 2021, and have been dreaming about purchasing another one since then. I liked the idea of having mis-matched designs, and absolutely loved the way the open top looked. Super happy with this lamp and excited to see what the future for Wooj looks like!

Phoebe W
Love it!

So cute and fun, lightweight but still sturdy.

Beautiful wabi-sabi lamps

I was happy to receive the wavy lamp in the color I preferred. My defects were minimal and not visible at all when I turn the lamp shade a certain way. The wavy lamp is a beautiful minimalist lamp!